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Google Offers a $100 Gift on a Pre-order of pixel 4

Google tablets

Google offers a $100 gift on a pre-order of pixel 4. If you are looking forward to buying a Pixel Google 4, consider pre-order this device through Amazon. It will help you to get a gift card of $100. Feel free to purchase this device from Amazon. This deal is available for Pixel 4 & Pixel XL. The product page of this device allows you to buy this product.

Page of Amazon suggests that shipping of this phone is started. Pre-order will help you to save money and get bonuses. You will get a super-fast phone with special Prime Shipping. The $100 value may be spent on other things on Amazon. You can shop at Amazon in the future with this free money. Amazon has pixel accessories to use with your phone.

Features of Amazon Pixel 4

With 5.7-inch HD display of Pixel 4, you can read tablet magazine without any trouble. The XL version has a 6.3-inch HD Quad panel, with a similar physical size. These models have notch-less screens to feature at a 90Hz refresh rate. The camera of Pixel 4’s setup notices Google moving to double back lens configurations. You can get a secondary camera telephoto to bring digital 5X zoom up.

The series of Pixel 4 has an 855 Snapdragon processor and a 6GB of RAM. You can get better storage to select between 64GB and 128GB. These devices are available in black, white and orange color. It will offer the best coverage as per your needs.

The Amazon offers gift card deals for the best color, storage capacity, and screen size. Shipping of this pixel has started in October. Google tablets

Get the Advantage of Face Time

With the face-unlocking feature, you can secure your Pixel 4. Remember, this Face Lock is not secure because anyone can unlock this phone while you are sleeping. Instead of depending on the fingerprint sensor and Face ID, you can use a PIN or password. Google is fixing this issue at this moment.

This device is available with the OLED display of Pixel. With its large display, you will find this device best for entertainment. The device comes with an impressive selfie camera to scan your face. Google claims to make this face-unlocking mechanism secure. Feel free to use the best option to lock a device.

Sense & Repeat

The radar sensor powers face unlocking. It is capable of detecting hand motions. If you have slimy hands, you can control your phone with a swiping motion. Google Maps and other important features are available in this phone. Moreover, a new recorder app is available for users. 

It comes with the best volume quality. You can increase or decrease the volume quickly with a side button. Impressive audio quality can make anyone mesmerized.

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