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Anyone can unlock galaxy S10 fingerprint lock

Secure your tablet

There is a malfunction in fingerprint reader, and Samsung is fixing it. Samsung is in hot water because of biometrics implementation. The main culprit is ultrasonic fingerprint in-screen reader. Remember, at this time anyone can unlock this phone. A screen protector and a transparent plastic between the sensor and a fingerprint may create a problem.

A British lady found this problem after unlocking the phone to her husband by adding a screen protector of 2.70 pounds. Samsung admitted this issue, and they think it is a security breach. 

Samsung is investigating this matter to remove this issue. It may sound like an implausible story, but videos are available on the internet. Now, Samsung knows that a fingerprint scanner can be cheated with a screen protector. They are thinking about the possibility of air gaps in fingerprint technology. The air gaps are stopping the sensor from its work. 

Time to Fix This Issue

Samsung has released the patch on 25 October to solve this issue. This issue is related to silicone screen protection covers. It is affecting Galaxy S10, S10 5G, and S10 Plus. The Note 10 Plus and Galaxy Note 10 is becoming a victim of this issue.

The ultrasonic sensor of phones misreads 3D patterns in the protector of the screen, like fingerprints. It permits a person to unlock a phone under one silicone layer. Before the rollout of a patch, Samsung warned users to avoid using protectors from third-party. 

Make sure to use a traditional form of Samsung Galaxy S10 to unlock a device. Re-register your fingerprints and avoid possible security issues. Samsung will issue biometrics updates for your convenience. Feel to re-register your fingerprints after their update.Secure your tablet

Best Apps to Increase Security of Galaxy S10

 These can save your device from malware and targets. Here are some best apps:

Play Protect Google

Android users can get the advantage of Google Protect. It is a default security option for Google. Secure your phone with the built-in feature of your phone. Make sure to keep your store updated. An updated Google Store app has a robust algorithm to recognize malware.                

Avast Antivirus

Avast is a good antivirus for computers, tablets and Android devices. Other than scanning capabilities, you can keep your device safe with its other features. A paid version of Avast may allow you to get the advantage of in-app locking. You can use a premium feature of this app for banking. Moreover, you can use the AVG app with a solid reputation. It can be a great layer of security for your device.

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