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Defragment a Disk on a Windows Computer

Windows Computer

When your best computer is not supporting your favorite magazines, apps and other documents, here’s what you should do. Defragmenting is also known as defragging. A disk may increase troubles in your life. In this situation, you have to consider defragmenting or defragging. These things can speed up the hard drive of your computer. After defragmentation, your computer will become brand new.

If you use Windows 7, your PC will schedule regular defragmentation of a hard drive. It will protect your data. If you want extra support for your data, you have to defragment your storage manually. See the instructions of manual defragmentation of a hard drive.

  • Open windows of your computer.
  • Right-tap the media to defragment, including main hard drive.
  • In properties dialog box, you have to choose “Tools Tab”.
  • Tap on the “Defragment Now” button and a window will appear for defragmentation. You must not waste your time until defragmenting is pending. Check current fragmentation of media.   
  • Tap on button to analyze disk

Now, wait until windows check for the defragmentation on the media. It is possible to view the value of percent fragmented by the disk defragmenter. If it is zero, you must not continue and skip this step. There is no harm in proceeding with defragmentation. Media may not be fully defragmented so that defragmenter of windows must find something to do.

Windows Computer

Tap the Disk Button for Defragmentation

Windows will defragment the media. You have to wait and watch because your computer will handle everything. Close up unnecessary window opened in your computer. After defragmenting hard drive, you will be able to see significant improvement in the hard drive of your computer. Remember, it is not possible to defragment a network drive. 

You must not forget a flash drive or media card. These drives come with some writes available for them. Media may support written data for a few times. Its frequency may allow you to handle things. In this situation, the media becomes useless. If you don’t defragment a flash drive or media card, you must avoid accelerating the deadlines. 

Tap the close button and close up open windows. After the first defragmentation, you will be able to see drastic improvements. It is not possible to defragment a drive on the network. Optical drives are challenging to defragment.

After running a defragmentation utility, fragment files will stay on the hard disk drive. The nature of storage may vary. You must not run and obsess the defragmentation utilities again and again. A flawlessly defragmented disk drive becomes necessary to clean your disk. It becomes essential to get sufficient space and speed up your drive.

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