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New Features in the All-New Android Oreo

Android Tablets

New Android Oreo Features

Once you get the over-the-air update of Android Oreo through the Android O Beta Program, you can improve the performance of compatible Android devices. With Android Oreo slowly coming out of the development stage, you may happen to notice some changes in the Android Oreo’s interface. From the improved Android ecosystem to settings for freeing up storage space, Android Oreo promises much for the users. Below are some of the new features in Android Oreo features.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

The feature in Android Oreo will let you multitask like split-screen view in older versions of Android. You can watch videos, see navigations in Google Maps, and even resume the video chat with Android Oreo’s Picture-in-Picture Mode. The next time you video chat on Google Duo, tap on the home button to activate the feature.

The Notification Badges

The apps arranged in your device will have a small badge on the top of the widget. The dot will let you identify the same and all you need to do is look at the app’s widget. The next time you ignore or miss potential notifications, the notification badge will alert you of the same. This Android Oreo feature is sure to excite you.

The Notification Channels

The developers in Google are no longer controlling the level of app notifications as the feature is on its way. Once you get the OTA update, you can see the improved Notification Channels feature in Android Oreo. Navigate to Settings > Notifications and select an app to see how it notifies you and customize it as needed.

The Android Octopus Game

You may be familiar with the Easter Egg game in Android tablets ft. Nougat. In Android Oreo, the gaming app has seen a makeover and is known as the Octopus game. Go to Settings > About Tablet and then tap on the Build Number several times until the app launches on the screen. Subsequently, a brown-colored Octopus will hover around the screen.

Wi-Fi and Storage Management

In the run up to restarting Android tablets, we used to get a situation where our Wi-Fi signals are next to getting lost. Android Oreo will automatically turn the Wi-Fi back on once it detects a signal when you get back within range so you need not restart the device to troubleshoot. If you are low on storage though, go to Settings > Storage > Free Up Space in Android Oreo.

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