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How to Use Google Now on Android Wholesale Tablets

To enable Google Now on Tap on Android Marshmallow, first enable cellular data on your Android tablet and download the latest version of Google app from the Play Store. Open the Google app once the download completes from the notification bar, and tap on the Yes, I’m In option to open Google Now on Android.

Wait for the app to open up in the tablet, and then tap on the hamburger menu denoted by three horizontal lines. Select Settings from the resulting menu, and go to the Voice portion of Settings menu within the Google app. Put a checkmark on the checkbox next to the Now on Tap option. Android would then reveal a dialog box prompting you to Confirm the action, and then you are good to go.

To start using Google Now on Tap, return to the home screen or to where the widget appears automatically on Android Marshmallow. Google Now on Tap will search for the information you want to search on the device such as a mail, a message, or something else, which you need to access on the go. In some Android tablets, you can launch the Now on Tap assistant by long-pressing the home button and the feature reveals itself prompting you to search whatever you need.

Note that Google Now on Tap filters on-screen content and reveals when pressing the home button, so you should have the compatible app or webpage readily opened to search the information within. For instance, if you are onto reading a newsletter on the Gmail app containing information regarding nearby restaurants and venues, Now on Tap will filter the info using the present location you are in. Thus, you remain active on Google’s Location Services when using Now on Tap.

The feature lets you search individual phrases also in a string of conversations on the messaging app or other compatible apps, so you could always count out Google Now on Tap for the benefits it brings. To disable the feature on Android Marshmallow, tap the home button, tap on the three-line menu, and open Settings. From here, you can turn the toggle switch against Now on Tap to the Off position to disable the feature.

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