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How to Reset Windows 10 Tablets

Windows Tablet

Reset Windows 10 Tablets

You might need to reset a Windows tablet and a Windows 2-in-1 laptop featuring the Windows 10 OS for many reasons. Whatever the cause be, you can do that easily following the below-given steps.

Tap on the Windows button or the Menu option located in the top-left corner of the device screen, and select Settings. From the following page, tap on Update & Recovery option and choose Recovery menu from the left side. Microsoft has moved the Recovery Settings from Windows 8 to this menu in Windows 10, and in doing so, resetting the devices featuring Windows 10 OS has become much simple to do.

Tap on Get Started to begin resetting the Windows 10 tablet and then you can see two options in the device Keep My Files and Remove Everything. Both will help you to reset the Windows device as the name implies. For instance, if you choose Keep My Files you can reinstall the Windows tablet without having to back up any of the photos, videos, music, or documents stored.

Note that this option will take the longest time of the resetting options in Windows 10 and will remove apps and settings only but not your personal files. Moreover, Keep My Files requires a certain amount of free space on the Windows device so that Windows 10 can reset the device without having to encounter errors.

The second option, Remove Everything will delete each file and setting saved in the tablet and will start all over again after the reset. Thus, you should back up all personal data to the PC or an external storage so that you can restore them after the reset.

A third reset option will be available only if you have updated the Windows tablet to Windows 10 from a previous version, and that is Restore Factory Settings. Choosing that will remove everything from the Windows tablet taking the device back to the previous version of Windows.

When choosing any of the reset options for Windows refurbished tablet, you should ensure your device is plugged in to a power outlet just as Windows 10 begins the process of resetting. After the Windows device is reset, it will be clear of malware and viruses, if any, and perform in a much better way.

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