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How to Make your iPad More Secure

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Make IPad Secure

iPad is an excellent choice if you wish to enjoy the many benefits of tablet computing whether in productivity or entertainment. Besides its functionality, iPads have highly secure features that protect your data against all kinds of unauthorized access. The many limitations on the usability of an iPad do not hinder its functionality while additionally providing you more security than other tablets. As data has become the key resource in this century and since most users have switched to tablets like iPad, it is downright necessary that it remains protected from any kind of misuse.

In spite of its secure features, iPads are still vulnerable to risks such as loss or theft of the device. This can allow others to gain access to your iPad and hence obtain all your personal information stored in the device. However, this can be prevented and your iPad can be made more secure by enabling the extra security features included in the device. Below is how to make your iPad more secure.

Setting up a Passcode

By setting up a passcode, your device will remain inaccessible to anyone except you with the right combination of numbers and letters. Moreover, setting up a password will also automatically turn on the encryption feature in your device. This will encrypt all the data in the device, making it impossible for anyone to access your data.

For setting up a passcode, go to, Settings > General > Passcode and select the Turn Passcode On option. Tap on the Passcode Options button to see various passcode choices such as custom alphanumeric code, four-digit code, and custom numeric code. Select a preferred option, enter the passcode, and type it again to confirm and set the passcode.

Enable Find My iPad

Find My iPad is a highly useful feature included in the iPad that enables you to locate your device in case if you lose it. Besides tracking your iPad, this feature also enables you to lock or remotely wipe the entire data in the device. This prevents others from obtaining your data in case you lost the device, thereby preventing any risk of misuse. To enable Find My iPad go to, Settings > iCloud and then toggle the switch on Find My iPad to the On position.

Controlling the Privacy Settings

The privacy settings in your iPad enable you to manage which all apps can access your personal data stored on the device. Most of the apps request permission to use information related to the location, contacts, camera, photos, microphone, and many others. However, you can also manually setup which apps can access and share the data on your iPad. For this, go to Settings > Privacy and select any of the system apps to find out which all apps are accessing your personal data. Toggle the switch near to each app to enable or disable access.

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