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How to Install Snapchat on Google Nexus 7

Many of us use Snapchat app to upload pictures over the web using internet connectivity; the app can be download from Google Play Store. However, when trying to download the Snapchat app on Nexus 7 tablet, people often encounter a “Your Device Isn’t Compatible with This Version” error message on Play Store. If you face such a situation, you can follow the below workaround by wholesale tablet dealers and bypass the Play Store’s third-party app restrictions to install the app.

Note that this workaround means to enable the app installation from outside sources other than Google Play Store on Android. For that, navigate to Settings > Security > Device Administration and tap on Unknown Sources. Now that you are good to go, download and install the Snapchat app on Android from the external sources over the web. If you are using Nexus 7, download Snapchat v4.1.07 onto the tablet.

Once downloaded, pull down the notifications tray and tap on notify, tap on OK upon prompt, and continue the subsequent prompts on Android to install Snapchat on the device. The prompt may read, “This file type may harm your device,” but ignore the prompt, as you need to install the app on Android anyway.

In the world of wholesale tablets and Android devices, such kind of workarounds is often referred to as ‘sideloading’ the .apk file to Android by clearing the restrictions on Google Play. Now that you have installed Snapchat app on your Nexus 7 tablet, you need to configure your account on Snapchat for photo sharing. For that, open the application and key in the log in credentials and you are good to go.

While the Snapchat app stays open, tap on the turning gears icon to the top-right and tap on Manage just under Additional Services. Then, you can configure the Snapchat toggles like Front-Facing Flash, Replay, Filters, and even choose the number of friends you need to be displayed on the Send To screen of the device.

In fact, the users of Android tablets can go a step further and configure captions on the installed Snapchat app. To enable the captions on Snapchat, tap on the ‘T’ letter adjacent to the icon denoted by a pencil to the top-right of snap draft and then you can see the characters you type on the Snapchat magnified.

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