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Simple App Launcher Panel on LXDE

App Launcher

If you want to have the lightest graphical environment of your device, then LXDE is the right option for you. This is a better choice, especially when you consider it as a primary desktop environment.

With this graphical environment, you get the opportunity to add on your desired panels to the computer desktop. The best and impressive feature is that it allows you to access the beneficial widgets quite quickly. In addition to this, you also get rapid access to various significant programs as well. It is massively fast and simple. The elegant feature is that it utilizes a few resources only. 

Simple Launcher Dashboard:

You need to follow quite simpler steps in order to create a new dashboard. First and foremost, step is to navigate the “Create New Panel” option by right-clicking on the already available panel. Now, you can make an adjustment for the height, width, icon size, etc. There are several tabs available over there. Navigate the Panel Applets tab and click on it. Now, create a new entry to it by clicking on “Add”.

Customize your control panel with your desired applets and then choose the “Application Launch Bar”. This would let you approach the installed applications. + sign button would take you to add the app launcher. You can view the already installed application through this. Choose as many applications to add to the bar as you like.App Launcher

The Appearance of App:

Choose the Spacer Settings by right-clicking on it and then you have to resize it. Now visit the Appearance tab to make it more appealing because the control panel depicts colourless settings by default. Choose the solid colour of your choice. Get your background colour selected as per your choice with the transparency and opacity of your desire. 

Advanced Setting:

Navigate to “Advanced Settings”, and choose to minimize the panel when you are not using it. Check the box so that it would add you when the panel is not in function. There are options for preferred applications as well as properties and automatic hiding. Make changes as you like and then simply save these.

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