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Yahoo is going to delete all posted content on Yahoo Groups – Why?

Yahoo on your tables

On a tablet, you can use Yahoo and join different groups. Remember, Yahoo is going to delete all posted content on Yahoo groups. They will start this work from the mid of December. Meanwhile, you can save your uploads.

This notice is available to a webpage of yahoo with instructions to download your files and photos from a group. The process sounds tiresome because you have to tap on every photo to click it. Pages have shut down instructions. Save your data on this tablet. It may take almost 30 days to finish his process. Your files and photos are available for you.

The Groups of Yahoo will exist after 14th December, but the public groups will become private. Users can communicate with their groups through emails and search for a private group on the site. Admins may get limited access to the administration tools and settings of the group. These features are going away:

  • Photos
  • Folders
  • Files
  • Links
  • Polls
  • Calendar
  • Attachments
  • Database
  • Conversations
  • Message digest
  • Email updates  
  • Message history

Groups of Yahoo are feeling neglected. The home page links to the official blog of Yahoo Groups. Once you click on a group, you will see a notice on the page about impending shutdown.

If you are interested in saving content from a group, feel free to download the file directly from the page of your group. After signing in to Yahoo account, you can request data group. Yahoo may email you data ready to download. Yahoo on your tables

Reason is Unexplained

Yahoo has not explained the reason to shut down. These groups are working from 2001. Users may not get much incentive because Yahoo is becoming a community of the Facebook group. Discord chat or Twitter friends are replacing this facility effectively. Now, Yahoo is ready to erase historical content. You will not be able to see these activities after 14th December. Your access to these groups will be limited. 

Substitutes of Yahoo Groups

If you want great alternatives for Yahoo groups, you can try these substitutes. These are better than Yahoo Groups.

It is the right landing spot for groups of Yahoo. You can access great tools to improve data of your Yahoo group. Feel free to manage message board platforms. Get the advantage of customization options and unique features. It can integrate with RSS feeds, Github, Facebook and Trello. 

Google Groups

You can invite and create other users with Google groups. The users can create calendar events, discussion threats and set up polls. It is not better than With its toolset and design, you may find it a decent alternative to Yahoo. Moreover, Facebook is another place to create chat groups.

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