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Huawei New Surface Tablet – Features and Specs

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If you are looking for top rated tablets, then you are in the right place. Buying a tablet these days has become a very difficult task. This is because of many reasons that include brand loyalty, features, specifications, size, and many more things. As we all know that the tablet market is still immature if we compare it with respect to mobiles and laptops. But in recent years, a certain hype in the statistics has been seen, and people have started looking for top rated tablets as a replacement for their cellular devices and portable computers. Today we are going to discuss one of the most top rated tablets in the market: The Huawei Surface tablet!

Huawei- Competing itself!

It is an established fact, and people related to the tech fraternity know that Huawei is having a tough time competing with top names like Apple and Samsung. Both of these companies have a very respectable and positive repute in the tech world, and their products are said to be the most trustworthy all over the world.

Now when Huawei, first launched itself it started with basic cellular devices with no such high specifications, but the quality of these devices beat the Chinese market and the devices that belonged to it and so people started shifting themselves to this brand. When the authorities studied the situation, they thought of establishing themselves in the higher benches, and from then on Huawei started producing devices with competition to the high-quality products from Apple and Samsung.

In recent years, Huawei has been successful in achieving its goal and has been capturing the entire market. The recent announcement of Huawei’s new tablet has, however, posed some threats to some of its own devices. Yes! The top authorities of Huawei are sensing that the sales of the Huawei laptops have been declining since the launch has been announced. But as a tech blogger, it was quite obvious to us that this would eventually happen as the basic concept of tablets is to replace these other portable devices in the long run. So if Huawei is launching one of the most top rated tablets in the market, then it has to sacrifice some of its sales as well.

top rated tablets

Size and Specifications!

The size and specs are the two most important things while making a choice of a tablet. The Huawei’s Surface tablet has a huge size and is said to be as large as the iPad air pro. This means you are a big screen lover; then, this tablet is best for you. The Tablet is coming with an excellent processor that will run 4gb of ram against 64-GBS of ROM.  The manufacturers have promised that this time, their Surface tablet won’t lag at all. Previously Huawei received a lot of complaints regarding the lag issue.

So much hype after the announcement has been made, so let us wait and watch whether this tablet will beat its competitors and will its permanent place as one of the most top rated tablets in the world or not.

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