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How to extend your Tablets ROM storage?

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Android is a famous operating system for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The best tablets come with this operating system. These operating systems are customizable to increase your productivity. Remember, tablets are available with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB internal storage. 

After using this storage, you will get warnings about “insufficient storage”. In this situation, you have to increase the internal memory of your devices. It will give you extra space for pictures, video, music, apps, and other things. Here are some tips to increase the storage of your tablet.

Increase Storage with Memory Card

If you want to increase the internal storage space of your mobile, feel free to use a memory card. It will improve your internal memory. With the use of a memory card, you can effectively increase storage space. Sometimes, you will need a rooted android device to use a memory card. Make sure to buy a MicroSD card. Check the requirements of your  tablet to format an SD Card to EXT2 and EXT3.

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AOMEI: Partition Assistant

Tablet users can format SD cards, but this process can be complicated. To make things easy, specialized software and tools are available. With the help of AOMEI, you can format an SD card. Here are some simple and easy steps to follow:

In the first step, you have to connect an SD card to your PC through a card reader. 

After preparation, start to format the card through the AOMEI partition assistant. You must have sufficient storage to secure your important files. 

Download the AOMEI partition assistant, install it, and launch. You can see the primary environment of drives. Remember, SD cards will be marked as removable. To format this card, you have to “right-click” this card and chose format partition.

Pick the file system “EXT2” and hit OK. Keep it in mind that this operating can delete data of SD cards. Make sure to arrange a backup for data on the tablet

After EXT2, you will be back to the primary interface. Hit Apply at the toolbar to launch its progress. Once the progress is complete, disconnect your card from the computer and install it on an Android tablet. After installation, it will be easy for you to save pictures on your SD card. Use external storage to secure data of your tablet.

Deleted Unwanted Files and Downloads

Hit the “Download” folder to remove unnecessary files. Tap on the menu icon in the right corner of the screen. Choose unwanted downloads by holding and tapping for 2 to 3 seconds.

Replicate the procedure as per your needs. Click on the trash icon to delete unwanted files. It will help you to remove unwanted files permanently. In this way, you can get an internal memory.

Disable Bloatware

Select the “Settings” icon located in the drawer of apps. Make sure to disable bloatware in the tabley. Swipe on the “All” tabs in the center of the screen to get a list of applications on your device. Search an option to clear cache, remove cache, and increase your internal memory.

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