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How can you multitask on your Android Phone?

Samsung Galaxy tablets

So, readers, the topic of today’s discussion is how we can multitask on your android phone. Those of you who are using android smart devices since the beginning might have a knowhow of how things work, but we will explain the entire phenomenon from scratch for our newbies’ readers and for the people who are new to smartphones or android phones for that matter. To give you a little background of the topic today, multi-tasking means to use multiple applications on android devices. Yes! This is very much possible, people to the android fraternity more commonly use Samsung galaxy tablets for this purpose of multi-tasking as the device has a huge screen and the potential to provide a good and wide display for both the tasks!

How can you use your Samsung Galaxy tablets for multi-tasking!

First of all, we need to get something straight to you guys! The multi-tasking feature on Android phones and tablets especially in Samsung Galaxy tablets is only available in the android 7 and above versions so if you have an android device that has a lower version then there is no point in trying to use multi-tasking as there is no other way you could do that. Now for those of you who have higher versions of android you might have heard of the split window feature especially if you are using Samsung Galaxy tablets or phones. Split window feature is actually the multitasking feature in androids. You can easily start this feature on your phone by pressing of touching the multi-windows button available on the navigation pane of your mobile or tablet.

Samsung Galaxy tablets

When you press that button, you would see that a dual-bar button or sign will appear on the top of the window that will open. In this window you will also be able to see that the recent applications that you were using would appear on it. Now you can press that dual bar, and it will ask you for the applications that you want to choose on your Samsung Galaxy tablets. you can choose any two applications for multitasking on your smartphone or tablet.

These applications can be used very efficiently and in the same manner as you would use them individually, and the best part is you can also arrange the size and the display of these two applications that you would use during the multi-tasking process. for instance, if you are watching a video and chatting with your friend along with it on another application then you can easily enlarge the display of the video application and use the other app for chatting purpose with a lower ratio.

You must keep in mind that the multitasking feature can consume a large amount of battery and you have to be very careful while using your phone. You don’t have to use this feature at all times, use it even when you need it to and give us your feedback!

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