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Why Amazon Fire is the Best Reading Device?

Top 10 Tablets

The increasing popularity of eBooks makes it essential for readers to buy the best reading device. Among top 10 tablets, you can’t forget about Amazon Fire. To increase the convenience of readers, Amazon offers Kindle Unlimited containing millions of audiobooks and eBooks. Users can get access to a massive library with Amazon. 

With Amazon Prime subscription, you can get benefits of prime reading. You can get access to free eBooks. However, it is possible to access Kindle unlimited through an Android device. Readers can get the advantage of prime membership. 

How to start Prime reading?

For prime reading, you have to sign up for Amazon Prime. Customers of Amazon can get the benefit of free shipping as well as numerous other benefits. It will be easy for you to access movies, music, video games, etc. In the list of 10 tablets, Amazon reading devices are the best options.

Devices for Prime Reading

For Prime reading, you can use both Kindle Fire and the Kindle. Moreover, you can use the Kindle app for prime reading. Install this app on your device to access Amazon books. Feel free to install the Kindle app on Apple and Windows computers, iPhones, iPads, iOS devices, and Android tablets and phones. You can find useful reading apps in the top 10 tablets.Top 10 Tablets

Benefits of Prime Reading

With Amazon Fire, you can take advantage of Prime reading. Readers have access to over 1,000 magazines and books. It features dozens of exciting titles and audible narrations. Amazon offers three programs to borrow books.

Amazon Fire Tablets

Amazon offers the latest versions of tablets with unique features. You can buy these tablets at an affordable price. If you want one of the top 10 tablets, buy an Amazon Fire. The Fire HD 7, 8, and 10 are designed with a bright screen.

If you want the best tablet for your child, Amazon Fire solves this issue. These portable tablets are suitable for gaming, movie streaming, and enjoying online content. It is easy to give access to the Kindle library to your children for games and educational material.

The cost of the latest Fire tablets can be a bit more, but these are packed with extra features. The latest versions come with a longer battery to give you more time to play, read, and surf. Amazon Fire is ideal for watching videos, playing games, and reading books. 

For Prime music, Amazon offers Fire 8 with special stereo speakers. Moreover, Fire 7 rocks with a mono speaker. Among the top 10 tablets, Amazon Fire can beat other readers with its features and specifications. You can get the advantage of built-in Alexa, sharp display, and long battery life.

Amazon Fire 7 comes with a 7-inch display, 1.3 Quad-core CPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB of storage, and a MicroSD card slot. With this card slot, you can expand the storage of your device. These specifications may vary in the latest devices. If you need a colorful and bright display, buy an Amazon Fire 10 with the 10.1-inch screen. The latest devices come with the full-fledged versions of Alexa, a digital assistant. You can control Alexa through various voice commands.

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