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5 Ways to Surf the Web Anonymously!

Surfing the web anonymously

Today we will talk about how you can surf the web without showing your identity. So let’s get started with today’s topic, after reading this article and following our tips you will surely be able to surf the web anonymously and can visit whatever site you want without being noticed and your history being recorded.

Tablets and phones are the most captured devices by the cybersecurity; the reason is that these devices are used by toddlers and teenagers who don’t know the correct way of surfing the web. So today our readers will get to know about the details of how to use the web unnoticed, some of you might even feel like they are a part of hacking or a robbery while using these tips.

Avoid public Wi-Fi and https web pages!

Web pages that have https web addresses must be avoided at all times as these are the one who is constantly monitored and are traced. These webpages can easily give away your location, your device information, and if this gets in the hands of a hacker, your data can easily be hacked. We always think that the web can’t possibly trace our identity if you are not using the device by ourselves, but we are wrong in this thought as websites with these addresses can easily sense your usage and can make your identity vulnerable to hosts. Other than these websites you must at all times avoid using public and open Wi-Fi facilities. You must understand this, public Wi-Fi can get all the information about your device and your data, and the authorities or hackers can misuse it.Surfing the web anonymously

Use mobile data and VPN!

C We have told you the two most dangerous things that you must avoid above, and now we are going to talk about the two most used features which can help you surf the web anonymously. The first one is that you must use the mobile data services instead of the Wi-Fi service as Wi-Fi providers have access to all of your searches. The second most important tip and application you can use is the VPN. You must use VPN at all times when you are on the web and surfing. VPN secures all of your information and serves as an incognito mode on your smart device. You must also use the best applications for your mobile phone and web surfing.

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