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How to navigate from work to home only with one tap on your android phone?

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It is possible to navigate from work to home with one tap. It is easy with Google Maps because you can find faster routes in the present traffic condition. Android users can download and install maps on their device. 

To initiate navigation to your work or house, long-press maps of Google on the home screen or in the app drawer. Click either work or home on the popup and triangulation will instantly start. Feel free to speed up this procedure by long-pressing on work or home and drag a shortcut out to a home screen

Remember, this procedure is equally useful for the iPhone. You can access maps through 3D touch and choose between work and home from a quick action menu. Unlike the above method, you have to hit “Start” after opening Google Maps to initiate navigation. Moreover, it is not possible to add a shortcut to the home screen.

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Gesture Navigation in Android 10

You can use gesture navigation of android 10. Remember, this new navigation is a tried and tested method. It is easy to swap between different modes. Go to “Settings app – System – Gestures – System Navigation”. Here are three options:

  • A traditional navigation system of android is 3-button navigation. It will help you to navigate with a back, home and witch app buttons at the base of the screen. 
  • The gesture navigation with 2-button is introduced in 9.0 android tablet. You can use a home button (swipe-able pill-shaped) along with a back button.
  • Gesture navigation is a new system in android phone 10. You have to tap this option to turn it on and follow prompts to activate it.

If you want to use this new navigation method, you have to learn its controls. Make sure to understand how to return back to a home page of your phone. It can be difficult without a home button. To access the home page, you can to put your finger at the base of the screen (near a thin bar) and wipe up until an open app disappears. 

People find it difficult to go back to this new operating system. You can go back by dragging from both sides (left or right) of the screen to pull out an arrow icon and smoothly release to return. It is possible from different points. If you have a larger screen, this procedure can be easy for you.

Sometimes, the sensitivity of the back function can create an issue for users. In this situation, you have to change its sensitivity settings. For this purpose, go to “Settings – System – Gestures – System Navigation” and hit the cogwheel in the right of gesture navigation. Remember, higher sensitivity can increase your troubles, so carefully adjust the sensitivity of your device. 

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