How to Prepare your iPad for Traveling

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Preparing Ipad For Travel

Your iPad can be an ideal companion when traveling, as it can act as a boredom buster allowing you to enjoy movies, music, or games. It even acts as a navigational tool, enabling you to travel anywhere without getting lost. However, some sort of preparation is needed when you decide to travel anywhere with your iPad. This is especially important because the networks will differ in each region and you may need to prepare your iPad for in case it is accidentally lost or stolen. Below is how to prepare your iPad for traveling.

Set a Passcode

One of the first things that you need to do in order to prepare your iPad for traveling is to set a passcode for your device. This is important, as it will make your iPad more secure and prevent any unauthorized usage. For newer iPad models, you can also use the touch ID feature to unlock the device.

To set the passcode on your iPad, go to Settings and open Touch ID & Passcode. Tap on the Turn Passcode On button and enter a six-digit strong passcode combination. You may need to enter your passcode one more time in order to activate the security feature.

Activate Find My iPad

Another crucial thing to prepare your iPad for traveling is to enable the Find My iPad feature. This is important, as it will help locate your device if you accidentally lose it or is stolen. To enable Find My iPad, go to, Settings > iCloud > Find My iPad. Tap on the Find My iPad option and toggle the button to On position. In addition, make sure that you enable the Send Last Location setting, as it automatically sends your location data to Apple when the battery levels are low.

Invest in a Case

An iPad carry case will do well if you intend to carry your iPad when traveling. Using a case for your iPad will protect it from any scratches that can commonly if your store it in your bag or handle it occasionally. Besides, a case will also offer some levels of protection to your iPad to any bumps or drops that are common when traveling. Apple’s Smart Case is the best suited for this job and comes with features such as automatically waking up when the flap is opened.

Signing Out of Guest Wi-Fi

During travel, you will often use public Wi-Fi networks most often than cellular data. They are provided at most coffee shops and restaurants as it provides a high-speed internet connection to your iPad. Mostly, this requires signing into a guest network. After usage, you must make sure to sign out of the guest Wi-Fi network. This is an important security feature as it prevents your iPad from getting automatically connected to any other Wi-Fi networks with the same name.

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