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How to Enable the Incognito Browsing Mode on iPad Tablets

IPad Tablets

Enable Incognito Browsing Mode

The incognito browsing works like a dream on many devices, and iOS 7 has Safari web browser that supports this ‘private’ browsing option. In case you are yet to figure out how to enable incognito browsing mode on iPad tablets ft. iOS 7, below is a simple guide to let you configure incognito browsing mode in Apple Safari.

First up, open the Apple Safari browser in your device and then tap on the tab icon on the bottom left side of the screen. Doing so, you will get to see the open tabs in Apple Safari. To the bottom ride side of open tabs, you will get to see the text Private. If you tap on Private, an incognito tab will open in iPad and Safari will prompt you to choose Close All (tabs) or Keep All (tabs).

Choose Keep All (tabs) to jump into a private browsing session without having to kill standard web pages cued up in rolodex style in Apple Safari. The incognito browsing mode will automatically disable the browsing history from Safari until you remain active in the private browsing session and will avoid web cache as well.

When you are done private browsing, you will want to know how to disable incognito browsing mode on iPad tablets ft. iOS 7. Follow the same steps as explained and then tap on Private again. Safari will return to all tabs opened up in rolodex style and will notify you to tap on Done at the bottom right corner to confirm the disabling of incognito mode. When you close the incognito tabs in Apple Safari, the dark-colored theme of Safari will change into the standard theme.

In older versions of iOS, you can navigate to Settings > Safari to enable incognito browsing mode in the browser, but enabling the feature would kill all tabs. In iOS 7 or later versions though, the browser will run on your terms as and when you wish. You can also get indulged in an incognito browsing session on Windows OS, Android tablets, or any other platform which you may prefer other than iPad tablets.

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