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How to Effectively Organize the Apps on your iPad

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Effectively Organize The Apps

Over time, your iPad usage may lead to the cluttering of apps in the home screen and on the dock. This can make your iPad home screen less appealing while also making it difficult to access the apps quickly. Each of the apps that you have downloaded from the App Store will be added to the home screen that can cause it to become cluttered with too many apps. Proper organization is hence necessary if you wish to use the iPad effectively and in a timesaving manner.

In the iPad, there are numerous ways to effectively organize your apps for easy accessibility. This will keep all of your favorite apps within your reach. This will further simplify the usage of your iPad. Described below is how to effectively organize the apps on your iPad.

Organizing with Folders

Organizing the apps into folders is one effective way to categorize the apps on the home screen. It is easier to create a folder for keeping the apps on the iPad. The process of creating a folder in the iPad is, in fact, the same as moving an app from the home screen and placing it in a different position. Making a folder is different though, as you have to drop the app onto another app on the home screen to create a folder.

When hovering the app over another app, a folder view appears. Drop the app into the folder area after the display gets zoomed into the folder. To name the folder, tap on the name at the top of the folder and enter a preferred name.

Place Apps on the Dock

The dock appears at the bottom of the iPad screen and displays your most commonly used apps. Organizing the docks on the app is a great way to optimize the home screen of your iPad. The dock allows you to add about thirteen of your favorite apps. It is an easier way to access your most commonly used apps and is, therefore, the best way to organize your home screen.

To add to the iPad dock, simply tap and hold the app and move it above the dock. Hold the app and keep it hovering over the dock until the other apps rearrange to allow room for placing your app.

Alphabetically Sorting the Apps

Alphabetically sorting the apps is another way to effectively organize them in your iPad. This will rearrange the apps in their alphabetical order thereby saving space and making it easier for you to access them. For sorting the apps, go to Settings and tap on General. Select the Reset Home Screen Layout option and confirm the action by tapping on Reset. This will sort all the apps in their alphabetical order.

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