How to Configure Parental Controls and Content Filtering on iPad

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Configure Parental Controls

Many children use iPads to play games, read e-books, and surf the net when parents give the device to them while in transit. If you enable Parental Controls in iOS, and filter web content and other contents, you can restrict how your children use the iPad tablet and continue the journey without worries. You can navigate to Settings > General > Restrictions and then tap on Enable Restrictions > Apps to enable Parental Controls on an iOS app. Each time you enable Parental Controls, iOS will prompt you to enter a four-digit passcode twice for confirmation.

You can see the list of apps which you have installed on refurbished iPad in Enable Restrictions tab like Apple Safari, iTunes Store, Camera, FaceTime, and so on, and a toggle switch adjacent to the apps. Turn the toggle switch of the app to off to restrict the app for your children. Moreover, scroll down in the tab and you can see the option to restrict in-app purchases of, say, iOS games.

Apple gives these restrictions to let you turn off specific iOS apps, to help you stop children from downloading and buying new apps or making in-app purchases. In the recent iOS updates, Apple also has an inbuilt website filter that will let you filter content on the iPad tablet without having to buy a software or change the Wi-Fi router settings.

For that, navigate to Settings > General > Restrictions and scroll down to Allowed Content tab. Then, tap on Websites if you want to restrict the accesses to web or limit access to particular websites on iOS. For instance, if you choose limit adult content, children won’t be able to access the websites containing adult content. In fact, via the Enable Restrictions tab you can also filter contents movies, TV shows and music on iTunes under Allowed Content tab.

Similarly, you can set ratings for movies and TV shows on iTunes as per Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings if you want. However, Apple won’t let you put restrictions on e-mail, calendar, or iMessages. Still, if you want to prevent children from making changes in your Gmail account, tap on Accounts from the Restrictions tab.

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