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How to enable dark mode for Gmail in Android or iPhone?

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You can enable dark mode and save your precious battery life. Fortunately, this mode is available on iOS and android in the Gmail app. Dark modes are becoming famous in current years. Google rolls out a special dark mode for Gmail app on iOS and android devices.

This mode is becoming famous in current years for their ability to blacken interfaces. It can decrease strain on your eyes and save the battery life of your device. For this reason, Apple and Google have released dark modes for different operating systems. The app developers are updating dark mode on their apps.

Enable Dark Mode

To use dark mode, your device must have an iOS 13 or android phone 10. The Gmail application will auto-adjust to a dark mode. Feel free to turn this mode on in mobile app of Gmail. See the instructions for android users:

  • For Gmail app on an android phone, click the hamburger menu in a corner.
  • Scroll down and click “Settings”.
  • Tap on “General Settings”.
  • You have to tap “Theme” at the top.
  • Click on “Dark” if you have already set the dark them on your system. Try to make it a default system.

On your mobile device with android 10, set a dark theme as default. Remember, it will help all supported apps to adopt the default settings of your system automatically. For this reason, go to “Settings – Scroll down – click on Display option”. Now you can click on dark theme toggle. 

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Instructions for iPhone Users

  • Open the “Gmail app”, you have to tap on the “hamburger menu” in the upper corner.
  • Scroll down to the base and click settings.
  • Click theme and tap “Dark”.

Your device must have iOS 13 to set the dark theme. Set dark theme as default on the device. Remember, compatible devices can automatically become dark. Open “Settings – display and brightness and tap Dark” to move to dark mode. With an older iOS, you have to open “Settings of Gmail app – Theme – and choose Dark”.

You can use three options in dark themes, such as light, dark and system default. Feel free to choose an appropriate mode for your inbox.

Why do you need a dark mode?

With dark mode, you can display dark surfaces on the user interface. This design can decrease the light emitted by the screen of your phone. Remember, this mode is excellent to enhance visual ergonomics by decrease eye strain and facilitate screens. Your displays can be adjusted to present light conditions and offer the comfort of use in dark environments or at night.

It allows you to conserve battery for longer duration without charging. This theme can be turned off easily as per your convenience. 

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