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Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Android Tablets

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Photo Editing Apps

Tablets are getting advanced with each new model released. Some of the features like the camera are improved with each subsequent model that can capture images with surprising clarity. You can even find many such newer models of Android tablets for bulk tablet rentals.

Besides their exceptional camera features, tablets are also ideal for editing the images. For this purpose, there are countless photo editing apps available in the Play Store. They range from simple ones to complex editing tools that can transform the appearance of an entire image. Below are the top photo editing apps for Android tablets.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop Express

Adobe, the leader in image editing software, has come up with the Android version of their popular Photoshop software. The Photoshop Lightroom and Express are powerful industry standard photo editing apps that can tweak and manipulate many advanced properties of an image.

Moreover, with Adobe Creative Cloud, a user can also sync these two apps into a desktop. Lightroom allows for carrying out numerous adjustments to the image while Express can do other editing tasks like adding filters, cropping, and other functions.


PhotoDirector is a new photo editing app available for Android tablets, but it comes with some solid editing features. The key feature of this app is that it allows carrying out manual enhancements than using auto correction methods.

It has several advanced tools and adjustments related to image editing such RGB color channels, white balance, HSL sliders, and many others. Besides, PhotoDirector also allows adjusting some of the basic image properties like exposure, darkness, contrast, brightness, and tone far more accurately.


AirBrush is another top photo editing software that suits well with Android tablet users. It consists of numerous tools that can quickly fix many of the issues in a photo. Besides, it has various functions intended for portrait photography and selfies such as face edits, removing blemishes, teeth whitening, reshaping and filters.

AirBrush is simple to use due to its well-designed interface and is therefore suitable for all kinds of users. However, advanced users also find its features quite helpful in editing portrait photos.


Yet another popular Android app for photo editing is Facetune. It is especially intended for editing selfies, and is, therefore, a favorite among many users.

Facetune has numerous tools that can enhance the appearance of a selfie. It allows in removing blemishes, brightening the eyes, teeth whitening, smoothening the skin, and do a lot more. It is available in a paid version, which can be downloaded from the Play Store at a price of $3.99.

Fotor Photo Editor

Another prominent image editing app for Android tablets is Fotor Photo Editor. It consists of many editing tools with a one-tap feature that can enhance the photos quickly.

Fotor Photo Editor has several other tools as well, such as vignetting, highlights, RGB, tint, saturation, brightness, cropping, contrast, etc. In fact, this photo editor app is a much-needed tool for an Android tablet user who uses the device specifically to capture and edit photos.

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