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Top 5 Music Streaming Apps and Services for your Android Tablet

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Music Streaming Apps

The plentiful storage space in your Android device may have given you the power to store a number of songs and podcasts on your tablet. This might have offered you the liberty to listen to your favorite tracks in whatever situations whether during travel, daily commute, or when at work. However, what if you need access to more than the tracks loaded inside your tablet memory?

The internet is the answer to that, and numerous music streaming services and apps in the Play Store will help you with this. By using such apps and services, you can search through and listen to your favorite and sought over songs from a huge database. Below is a list of the top 5 music streaming apps and services for your Android tablet.


SoundCloud is undoubtedly one of the best music streaming apps that you can download on your Android device. Since its introduction, SoundCloud has earned the reputation of being a reliable platform for independent artists, and this gives you the opportunity to listen and get acquainted with some of their impressive works. With a vast library of more than 125 million songs, SoundCloud is the perfect streaming app for your tablet.


With a database of over 25 million songs and a huge collection of music videos, Tidal is yet another top streaming app for your tablet. Tidal allows you to listen to high-quality songs with 320 kbps streaming quality, which ensures that you have a solid audio experience. You can also access the lossless 16-bit FLAC streaming by paying $19.99 per month. Some of its key features include offline usage, articles about music history, and many others.


Another top streaming app that you can download for your tablet is Spotify. The library consists of more than 39 million tracks with other features like podcasts, curated playlists, video content, etc. It is available free from the Play Store; however, you need to purchase the paid version to access the entire contents in the library.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one service that is preinstalled in your tablet that allows you to stream from its 35 million tracks collection. It is available in both free (limited) version and paid one that offer you full access and features. Furthermore, its varied interface makes it much easy to search for songs and browse playlists.


If you are into the world of online radio, then iHeartRadio is the perfect internet radio and streaming app for your tablet. With over 1,500 live radio stations, iHeartRadio has several genres of music based on seasons and live talks. It has a collection of 18 million songs and it allows you to create your own custom stations as well.

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