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What can you Search on Android Tablets with Google Assistant

Android Tablets

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The best thing about using the Google Assistant on compatible devices is you can free your hands to search contents. When you set up the Android tablets for the first time right out of the box Android will prompt you to activate Google Play Services. Update the Google Play Services from Google Play Store, change the dialer to facilitate voice-searching, and Clear All Data by navigating to Google > Storage > Manage Space as well.

When done, open the Google App and navigate to Settings, where you will find the Google Assistant Settings. Tap on that and the Google Assistant set up window will launch; tap on Continue and long-press the Home button to launch the Google Assistant on the home screen of Android tablets.

When you activate the feature, you may need to know how to use Google Assistant on an Android device. The voice-assistant activates on the voice command “Ok, Google”. To let Google Assistant unlock a Pixel device, navigate to Google Assistant Settings, tap on OK Google Detection, and choose Trusted Voice. This way, you can bypass the fingerprint and PIN to lock and unlock Pixel devices.

To launch Google+ app, say Ok, Google, Open Google+ and Google Assistant will launch the app directly. Likewise, to launch third party apps say Ok, Google, followed by the app’s name on the tablet’s microphone and the app will launch on the Android home screen.

To customize news feeds on Android tablets, launch the Google Assistant by tapping the Home button and select the overflow button denoted by three dots at the top of the screen. Pick Settings and then choose News under the Adjust Settings for All Your Google Assistant Devices category. Under News, you can open any news-related web contents of major news sites. To open an unopened e-mail from the inbox of Gmail, say Did I Miss Any Emails from Yesterday and Google Assistant will look up for pending e-mails on Gmail and will retrieve the e-mail.

Although iOS has Apple Siri, the voice-assistant app that lets the users search for content on Apple Safari and other iOS applications, select iOS devices have also started to support the Google Assistant recently. Navigate to the iTunes store to download the Google Assistant for your compatible iOS devices including the iPad tablets.

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