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How to retrieve WiFi Password on Android Tablet?

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Wondering how to retrieve WiFi password? Feel free to use your Android tabletOnce you enter a WiFi password in your device, your device will remember it. Sometimes, your device may not connect to the internet because of security reasons. You may not be able to find a password. Fortunately, you can display a WiFi password on a already known Android device. An ABD command line helps you to protect your Android folder with a password. Here are some ideas to retrieve the WiFi password on an Android tablet.

ES File Explorer (without rooting a device)           

With ES file explorer, you can get access to system files. The app comes with different useful features, such as the ability to restore your apps and make backups. It helps you to restore deleted files on cheap Android tablets under $100. For this method, root access is not necessary. You can follow these steps to try these options.

Open the app of ES File Explorer. Drag the left navigation bar and choose local storage options. Then tap on “Device” from a drop-down list. Circumnavigate to System – etc – WiFi and open WPA-supplicant.conf file. If a manager app asks to open a configuration file, choose the HTML built-in or a viewer for a text file. After opening a file, it will be easy for you to view your passwords of the WiFi networks.

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Use Solid Explorer Android to Find WiFi Passwords

It is the best file browser for Android. You can use this browser to retrieve WiFi password on the cheap android tablets under $100See these simple settings.

  • Open Play Store of Google and Search Solid Explorer.
  • Tap file manager of solid explorer and hit Install.
  • Open a solid explorer and check the home screen with your main directories. These are media folders that you will access regularly.
  • Click on the stacked lines in an upper-left corner of your screen to open a menu.
  • In a storage section, hit root.
  • Remember, root filesystem allows you to tap data.
  • Hit “Grant” to give root permission to solid explorer.
  • Hit misc and finally WiFi.
  • Click on wpa-supplicant-conf and select a text editor, including SE Text Editor. Check the network block to search entry for psk. It is the password.

Make sure to secure this pass in a secure place for the cheap android tablets under 100 and use it later. 

Use a Terminal Emulator

If you are comfortable with the installation of a new file manager, you can use an emulator terminal on your Android device. It will help you to access a file that has a WiFi password. You may find different terminal emulators, but Termux is a safe option. It allows you to get the advantage of command-line utilities like SSH.

If you want to use Termux, find it in a Google Play Store and install the app. Carefully follow the directions to download this app and start using it on your cheap android tablets under $100In this way, you can easily retrieve a password.

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