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New Google Shortcuts for Third-Party Websites

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Google Chrome is one of the most used search engines around the globe. It is bringing lots of different features to amaze the users. This search engine is comprised of a plethora of information and facilities to make Google the top priority for users. 

New Domain:

Last year, this search engine offered a new feature of New domain. This is a massively amazing way which let you create presentations, spreadsheets, and documents through typing .net domain such as,, and docs new respectively.

It is making progress by leaps and bounds by offering a myriad of features. It has not approached the third party websites. If you want to Sign Up to any of the sites such as eBay, Medium or Spotify, then you can easily do so with this .New domain. Many of the sites offer 7 inch Android tablets for sale at a reasonable price, but you need to buy it from those who are highly prestigious and offer durable devices.

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List of Domains:

Google would leave no stone unturned to bring exciting domains. These are not limited to merely a few ones. These include:

  • and many more.

Frequent .new Domains:

Let us figure out the meanings of some of the frequently used .new domains. Users can use the domain whenever they want to add on their desired songs to the Spotify for creating the playlist. Likewise, if you want a peculiar item, then you need to type as it would let you get the exact substance of your desire form eBay.

Not only this, if you are interested in creating mesmerizing designs in an extraordinary manner along with your team then Canva is the right domain for this. Improve your living standard by welcoming the technology in your life. 


These worthy Google shortcuts are time-saving as just remembering the desired .new domain takes you to your destination in the wink of an eye. Isn’t it exciting? Surely, technology has made our lives much easier.  You just need to type the domain in the URL bar and then simply press enter.

 For instance, create a word document for saving your word. For this, just type the and you are all set to work on it.

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