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How to Watch Downloaded Netflix Videos Offline on Compatible Devices

Android Tablet

Watch Netflix Videos Offline

You can download select movies and TV shows from Netflix and then watch the downloaded content in offline mode from the app if you have a compatible device and an active Netflix streaming account. Netflix downloads are supported on iPads, iPhones, or iPods ft. iOS 9 or above, Android tablets ft. Android 4.4.2 or above, or refurbished tablets ft. Windows 10 (1607 Anniversary Update) or later.

To watch a movie on Netflix, open the app on your compatible device and sign in. You can check in the Available for Download section also by tapping on the Netflix menu denoted by three horizontal lines or search for Netflix videos manually. Once you find the show or movie you want to watch on Netflix, follow the below steps to download the same and watch it offline.

  • Select the specific title to download.
  • When on the description page, tap on the Download For TV shows, the icon would pop-up next to each available episode, so check for that.
  • Once the download completes, navigate to My Downloads page of Netflix to access the downloaded content.

Netflix will let you choose the download video quality, which fits your remaining cellular data and available onboard storage. The standard quality Netflix video is on the lower side, so it will not take much time to download and consume only a little storage space. However, if you go for a 1080p video, it will require more storage space and will take more time to download as usual.

From the Netflix app, tap on the Menu icon and scroll down until you see App Settings. Tap on that and under the Downloads heading, you can select the Video Quality – either Standard or Higher. You can also select the Download location under the Downloads heading; changing that to tailor your storage needs will help you in future downloads from the Netflix app.

Once you start playing the content from My Downloads page on a compatible Android tablet or iPad, you can know how many hours you have left to watch the downloaded content. In Netflix, there is an expiration date that varies based on the content you download for viewing without internet. Sometimes, a given title will expire 2 days into first viewing and other videos in 7 days. However, you can watch Netflix content offline many times over until it expires from the My Downloads page.

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