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How to Configure Instant Apps on an Android Tablet

The Instant Apps got unveiled in the Google I/O developer conference last year, and as of now, it supports in an array of Android devices. Unlike the native android apps that are needed to be downloaded from Google Play Store to use the same on an Android tablet, the Instant Apps features give a workaround to try the apps before you install them on a local device. You can use the compatible app from the developer site since they partition the app into small, usable parts, so you can starting using the app instantly.

Instant Apps may seem gimmicky to an extent, but sometimes, we need a few apps for one-time use only, and this feature can come handy for that. Once the feature is used, we can free up the space on the Android tablet. However, to access Instant Apps from the app developer site, you need to have the latest version of Google Play Services and should enable the feature via Android Settings.

Open Settings app on your Android tablet and tap on the Google option under the Personal heading, just below the Accounts option. Then, tap on the Instant Apps option under Services, and toggle the switch to enable it. Tap on Yes, I’m In upon prompt.

Note that not all of the apps support the feature at present. Once you enable Instant Apps on your Android tablet, using it is pretty straightforward, although Google is yet to expand the feature to most developer-based Android apps. To use an app like, say, NY Times Crossword instantly and play the puzzle game, search for the app on Google Play. You can see a Try Now button underneath the app name.

You can also search for the app name on Google Chrome. When the search results pop up on the web browser, you can see the compatible app listed on top with the word Instant inscribed next to it. However, you would be able to see Instant next to the app you search for on Chrome only if you enable the toggle for Instant Apps first.

Tap on Instant and then with the permission of Google Play, a basic version of the app would load up on your tablet. The Instant Apps feature supports in most manufacturer refurbished tablets and other Android devices featuring Marshmallow or later, given the app supports the same and the country also. Go back to Google > Accounts > Instant Apps and you can see the app being listed there. If you turn off the respective toggle, the app will be removed from the page instantly.

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