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How to Blog from Your Tablet

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If your laptop is out of commission, and you are a forced to use a tablet for blogging, you will have a hard time managing your blog. It doesn’t matter what device you use, so forgive the best tablet, especially if it doesn’t come with a keyboard. Following, we will give you the real picture of working on your blog with a tablet.

Can You Blog with a Tablet?

The million-dollar question here is, “Are tablets good enough for blogging”?

You never know when you will have an idea for your next post. No one just churns out blog posts throughout the day, despite what device they use. You can try to write a blog post from your smartphone, but you can’t do it for long term.

First of all, your smartphone screen will give up shortly and you can’t replace a keyboard with a touch screen. Second, if you are not used to doing much typing on a smartphone, this probably won’t change because there isn’t enough space. Yes, smartphone screens are gigantic today, but they are still smaller than a traditional keyboard, not to mention your keyboard will take up screen space.

android tablet

Tablets are based on smartphone technology, but they have some big improvements. You can’t use a full-size keyboard with your smartphone, but you can use one with your tablet.

Before you go out to find the best deal tablet, you should know a tablet doesn’t replace a laptop, even when you add a keyboard, but it can work well as a temporary solution.

How to Manage Your Blog via a Tablet?

Yes, we just said you couldn’t replace a laptop with a tablet. However, a tablet can help you manage your blog for a short time given you added a keyboard or you use a 2 in 1 Device.

Categories and Tag

Before you publish a post, you need to include categories and tags from the editor. If you want to add categories and tags on iOS, then tap on the top right and go to “Options.” If you want to add them using an android tablet, then click on the gear icon on the top right to find “Options”.

Categories let you group relevant posts while tags help the visitors find you in Reader. Remember, Reader filters posts through 15 categories and tags. Don’t put more than 15 tags.

Post Slugs and Excerpts

A post slug is a part of your posts URL, and it comes after .com, .org, .net, or whatever you use. WordPress will generate a slug for you itself. If you don’t like it, you can change it easily without any issues.

You can also add, as well as edit, excerpts. They are a summary for your blog posts. Some themes show the post excerpts on your home page. If your theme does it, you can add one excerpt for every post.

If you want to find the slug and excerpt, head to Post’s settings, Select Post and click Options (for iOS) or the Gear Icon (if you use Android). Scroll to the bottom of the screen and find the Slug and Excerpt Options.

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