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What to Check When Buying a Used Tablet

android tablet online shopping

Are you looking to buy a second-hand android tablet? If yes, then you have come to the right place as we are going to discuss what things you should keep in mind during android tablet online shopping. These tips can save you from a lot of trouble!


Do you know which parts are replaced the most in mobile devices and tablets? It is worn out batteries and broken screens. When you are buying a secondhand tablet, you need to check the battery life and assure its good. You are not going to get the tablet in the best shape; the battery life has lost some of its efficiency. It should still make up to 80% of its original time if nothing else. Keep this in mind during android tablet online shopping.


buy 7 inch android tabletCarefully check the display and make sure it has no cracks. The touch should work perfectly. There should be no hang-ups or missed touches. If the touch is showing issues then you shouldn’t buy the device. There are a few display tests that you can run to assure the display unit still holds up on it. 

It’s imperative your mind the display unit because touch screens are rather abused. You don’t want to buy something only to find out its useless later. 

The Body

You should carefully check the whole body and looks for scratches, buffed out paint, and dents. There is a fine line between use and abuse when it comes to android tablet online shopping. If there is dent or cracks in the tablet body, it means the device fell. Contrary to what the seller might have to say, this fall did hurt the performance of the device. You should get a discount because of this, or you should not buy the device at all. You’ll be doing yourself a major favor.


We are not getting into the Android vs. iOS debate. You should make up your mind before you search the market. Regardless of which system you buy, you should take your time and assure the device is running the most recent version possible. 

While at it, see if there are any viruses. This can hinder your user experience scan the whole storage unit and make sure it’s clean. Also, get rid of the useless apps and bloatware, you are not going to use them anyway, so why have them?

Clean the whole thing and reset it. This is how you clean devices you bought from android tablet online shopping.

Expandable Storage

Considering you are investing here, there are high chances you are going to use this device for years to come. The tablet must feature expandable storage. You can’t do much about the internal storage; you can only manage your data and apps. You should look for an option to expand the storage somehow in the future. Expandable storage does help to increase the lifespan of a mobile device. Keep it in mind the next time you are out for android tablet online shopping. 

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