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Best Video Calling Apps for iPad Users

7 inch android tablet

Previously, communication with your loved ones was a very tiring and expensive thing, but now, with the launch of multiple gadgets, communication has been made easier. There are many video calling apps that you can install on the hard case for 7 inch android tablet. The communication has been made too simple with such video calling apps.

You can download the video calling apps from Google Play Store or any alternative for free. Following are the apps that facilitate you in making video calling at any time anywhere:


Skype is one of the top popular video calling apps that you can install for free on your tablets. Along with the video calling, you can also use this app for business meetings as well. Nowadays, many official meetings are also done on Skype. Members of the business living in different countries can communicate online. This has made the business progress faster and easier that was never before.

The hard case for 7 inch android tablet secures the tablet protection. You can buy this tablet online at lower prices. Skype is a great alternative to the face app,

7 inch android tablet


 Facebook is a very popular app that is used worldwide for communication and following social media. Facebook has made another feature of it named as the messenger. The messenger is used as a communication tool. This can also be labeled as the inbox of Facebook. Facebook has recently started a calling feature that you can enjoy on the hard case for 7 inch android tablet.

It has limited features recently. If any of your contacts are using Facebook, then he will have the messenger app too. So you can communicate with them too conveniently. To use this app, you must have a Facebook account first.


The amazing feature of this IMO app is that it is quite compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. This wonderful video calling app is free to install and use. Like other video calling apps, this app does not irritate users with frequent ads. This ensures the smooth continuity of the app and its working. It is quite easy to install the video calling app on your hard case for 7 inch android tablet.

To do a video call from this app, you and the person to whom you want to call needs a valid account on IMO. There are a lot of interesting features in it. You can use the stickers that are categorized in many emotions to send to your loved ones.


It is very popular and one of the most useful apps in the world. Its users belong worldwide. It is one of the major chatting apps with the feature of calling as well. Recently it has launched its feature of a group video call. Now people can connect to their friends at one time or even do group study.

Make your gadget secure for use by the hard case for 7 inch android tablet. Then install the app, and enjoy video calling for free.

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