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3 simple ways to connect your Android to PC

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Want to get the best cheap android tablet? Don’t worry we can help you out in making the best decision and can provide you with information about different platforms and online shops where you can get good deals and get the best cheap android tablet for yourself or your kids. Now people usually use the tablets as an alternate device to the laptop, but there is one problem in tablets that still remains unsolved, and that is the storage size of the tablets. 

In laptops, you can easily keep up to more than 1 Tb of storage, but in tablets, you can only keep less than 100 GB of storage, that too in some upper models and not in cheap and mediocre models. So we will talk about the solution of this important problem and how to connect your tablet to your pc and how to transfer the data over there!

Connection through the USB port!

This the simplest and the most common way of connecting your device with your computer and almost each and every one of us have used this method once in our life, but for our new readers and new android users, we are going to explain the phenomenon in somewhat detail. If you want to transfer your files to your computer system, then you must have a healthy computer system with no virus in it along with an android phone with a healthy system software as well. 

Now to connect them we need a USB wire along with a system having USB ports on it. Connect the wire to the charging jack of your phone and the other side to the USB port of the computer. Let is stay there for a while and wait for the notification pop up bar to show and to ask your permission about using the phone for the purpose of data transfer.

The pc will show multiple options that include slideshow option, charging option and the data transfer option. Choose the desired option and get started with transferring your data in no time at all.

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Connecting with a podcast!

Some people want to connect their devices for data transfers and some for fun and entertainment purposes. You have to connect a podcast with your computer system for the purpose of mirroring your mobile screen and playing videos and using any application on your mobile displaying it on your computer! So if you want to see videos on your computer then make sure that you have chrome cast or a podcast with you. The connectivity would be done in a different manner and will include the BlueTooth system in it.

Connecting through the iTunes!

The iTunes application is yet another way of connecting your iPhone with your pc and transfer files. You must have a good computer system and download iTunes on it for this purpose. Best cheap android tablets cannot be connected to iTunes as they are not compatible with the device and the software.

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