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3 best android file manager apps that suit your work

Android file manager apps

You can download the best file manager apps for your device. It doesn’t matter if you have Linux, Mac or Windows on your tablet. These come with a file manager app to manage and view your files. It is an essential part of the system. The similar is necessary for your android devices. Each android device has a file manager. You may not find this file manager good enough. If you need the best app for your device, feel free to consider these apps.

1. MiXplorer

For your device, you will need the best file manager. Download MiXplorer to explore essential files on your device. It is useful for personal networks, such as cloud-based storage, LAN and FTP. This app allows you to get the advantage of customization and robust tabbed browsing. Feel free to create a chain of command with the use of Tasks feature.

Feel free to view different formats of files for integrated readers. You can read the MobiPacket, PDF formats and EPub. Moreover, you can see a comprehensive text editor, image viewer, and media player. There is no need to root a device to use MiXplorer. It allows you to get the advantage of extra management options and data backup. 

Android file manager apps

2. Asus File Manager

The stock and default file manager is available in tablets and Zen phones. The Android users can download a free version of this file manager. It features a category screen to label and organize files. 

It is compatible with a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. You can link an account and easily manage everything. It permits you to decompress and compress zip and rar files. You can get the advantage of wireless transfer between PC and phone. This version is completely ad-free.

3. ES File Explorer

It is a reliable file explorer at an affordable price. Feel free to buy an ad-free version of this download manager. This app comes with unique features to record particular gestures. You can save shortcuts to files and folders on a home screen. 

This app comes with built-in players and viewers for numerous file types. Feel free to play music and watch videos with it. This task manager allows you to free up memory in your device. The app supports zip and rar decompression and compression and available with its note editor.

ES file explorer supports Bluetooth file browsing, cloud storage, wireless PC transfer, SD card analyst, remote file access, and several other features. You can change its theme and use your favorite features. Feel free to change its design. Remember, it can be the best file manager for your device.

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